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Fetal Weight

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Disease relevance of Fetal Weight


High impact information on Fetal Weight

  • We found that rat placental 11 beta-OHSD activity correlated positively with term fetal weight and negatively with placental weight [6].
  • Deletion of Pog is also accompanied by reduced embryonic body weight and, on some genetic backgrounds, embryonic lethality [7].
  • Acetylsalicylic acid, 55-90 mg/kg of estimated fetal weight, then was administered into the fetal stomach [8].
  • Fetal body weight was depressed by 21% overall, the magnitude of reduction related to length of time in utero after STZ injection [9].
  • Fetal body weight and body length were significantly (p less than 0.05-0.001) reduced in the hyperglycaemic rats compared to normal rats, as was the thymidine incorporation into rib cartilage (p less than 0.02) [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Fetal Weight

  • A significant correlation between both maternal plasma triglyceride and nonesterified fatty acid levels with placental or fetal triglyceride content was found, although fetal weight did not change significantly [11].
  • In fetuses that were below about 40% of normal size, and in which placental blood was below about 30% of control, fetal weight was less sensitive to falls in blood glucose, which in turn was more sensitive than normal to a fall in maternal placental blood flow [12].
  • Isometric force increased progressively with age, reaching 4.1 +/- 0.4 mN for K+ and 5.8 +/- 0.5 mN for ACh (10(-4) M) at 600 g fetal weight (90 days) [13].
  • Higher enzymic activity was recorded with increased fetal body weight, but the reverse was true for taurine level [14].
  • The highest dose of fenofibrate decreased fetal weight [15].

Biological context of Fetal Weight


Anatomical context of Fetal Weight


Gene context of Fetal Weight

  • Circulating IGF-I is positively correlated with fetal weight (r = 0.66, P = 0.03), circulating IGFBP-3 (r = 0.54, P = 0.01) and IGFBP-4 (r = 0.52, P = 0.01) [26].
  • By contrast, cord serum IGFBP-1 from CS group without labor may preeminently reflect fetal weight [27].
  • In animal experiments, placental weight but not fetal weight was suppressed when EGF antiserum was administrated to maternal mice, however, fetal lung maturity in terms of lamella body produced in type II alveolar cells was suppressed in antiserum given group [28].
  • Pair-feeding db/+ mothers to the intake of WT mothers normalized fetal weight despite less than normal maternal insulin sensitivity [29].
  • Fetal weight and instantaneous growth rate (IGR) were positively correlated to maternal NEFA and PL and negatively correlated to maternal IGF-I and IGF-II [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Fetal Weight


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