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Gene Review

erm  -  erythromycin resistance protein

Lactobacillus fermentum

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of erm

  • Sequence analysis showed that these two erm genes from pTE80 and pTE15 could be categorized under the ermB (ermAM) class [12].
  • The 59 isolates carrying a tet, erm, or blaZ gene were taken through molecular identification, analyzed by determination of the MIC, and subjected to genetic fingerprinting [13].
  • Detection of erythromycin resistance genes by PCR and sequencing indicated that all 17 cMLS isolates were positive for the ermB gene and that 7 of 21 iMLS isolates carried the ermB gene and the remaining 14 iMLS isolates carried the ermT gene [2].
  • Shuttle vectors based on the pLP1 replicon were constructed by inserting the erythromycin-resistance gene from pVA891 into the various pUC19-pLP1 constructions. pLP1-based shuttle vector transformation efficiencies (TE) by electroporation were compared to TE of a broad-host-range plasmid pGK12 in different lactobacilli strains [14].


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