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Gene Review

CLNK  -  cytokine-dependent hematopoietic cell linker

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Cytokine-dependent hematopoietic cell linker, MIST, Mast cell immunoreceptor signal transducer
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Disease relevance of MIST

  • We evaluated a new device, the Sonic Mist ultrasonic room humidifier, to determine how quickly it became contaminated during continuous use by a population of cystic fibrosis patients [1].

Psychiatry related information on MIST


High impact information on MIST


Biological context of MIST


Associations of MIST with chemical compounds

  • The use of Mist. magnesium trisilicate B.P. as preoperative antacid is urged strongly [9].
  • INTERVENTIONS: Using albuterol as a marker, six jet nebulizers (Microneb NA420, Sidestream, Acorn II, Cirrus, Upmist, Micro Mist) were tested in four nebulization modes in a bench model mimicking the ventilatory pattern of a 10-kg infant (Galileo ventilator, Hamilton Medical) [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MIST

  • A glass concentric pneumatic micro nebulizer (Atom Mist) was used in conjunction with all four chambers [11].


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