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Gene Review

Actvty2  -  activity 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Act-2
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High impact information on Actvty2

  • Treatment with azathioprine (a single injection of 100-400 mg/kg ip or 5 daily doses of 80 mg/kg lp) and cyclophosphamide (a single injection of 50--200 mg/kg ip or 5 daily doses of 25 mg/kg ip) resulted in a marked dose-dependent inhibition of NK activity 2 days later [1].
  • Two separate helper T cell-derived lymphokines, interleukin 3 and granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating activity-2, were found to stimulate a broad and similar range of hemopoietic colonies in in vitro soft agar cultures including granulocyte, macrophage, granulocyte-macrophage, megakaryocyte, and mixed megakaryocyte colonies [2].
  • Leptin (3 mg/kg intraperitoneally) increased alpha2-AMPK activity 2-fold in muscle in chow-fed mice but not in DIO mice [3].
  • Incubation of the progel B-TIMP-1-neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin complex with alpha-chymase increases gel B activity 2- to 5-fold, suggesting that alpha-chymase activates progel B whether it exists as free monomer or as a complex with TIMP-1 [4].
  • TSH or (Bu)2cAMP (dBcAMP) stimulation of FRTL5 cells transfected with the shorter (219 and 351 bp) ferritin-H 5'-flanking region fragments increased promoter activity 2- to 3-fold [5].

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