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Gene Review

T7p24  -  helicase

Enterobacteria phage T7

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Disease relevance of T7p24


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Chemical compound and disease context of T7p24


Biological context of T7p24


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  • The crystal structure of the hexameric helicase shows Arg-522, located at the subunit interface, positioned to interact with the gamma-phosphate of bound nucleoside 5' triphosphate [8].
  • The 4A' gene, which has a leucine codon replacing the 4B initiation codon, specifies a single 566-amino acid protein that can provide the primase and helicase functions required for normal T7 growth [13].

Regulatory relationships of T7p24

  • The T7 gene 4 protein acts processively as helicase to promote leading strand synthesis and distributively as primase to initiate lagging strand synthesis by T7 DNA polymerase [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of T7p24


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