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Gene Review

Col10a1  -  collagen, type X, alpha 1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Col10, Col10a-1, Collagen alpha-1(X) chain
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Disease relevance of Col10a1


High impact information on Col10a1


Biological context of Col10a1

  • Reporter gene expression was seen exclusively in hypertrophic cartilages in the growth plates of long bones, ribs, vertebrae, sternum and mandibles of 17.5-18.5 dpc embryos, confirming that the 4.6 kb promoter is able to drive specific expression of Col10a1 in hypertrophic cartilage [4].
  • These established transgenic lines should facilitate the genetic analysis of regulatory pathways of chondrocyte maturation and Col10a1 gene expression in the future [4].
  • Here we show that this enhancer is highly conserved also in the murine and bovine Col10a1 genes, but not found in the known promoter sequences of chicken Col10a1 [4].
  • In preparation for identifying and characterizing the 5'-regulatory sequences and transcription factors which control mammalian Col10a1 gene expression, we have isolated and sequenced the first exon and 5' flanking promoter regions of bovine Col10a1 [5].
  • In this study, we have analyzed the regulatory elements of the human type X collagen (Col10a1) by reporter gene constructs and transient transfections in chondrogenic and nonchondrogenic cells [6].

Other interactions of Col10a1

  • The Col10a1 specific BAC recombination vector described here will enable the specific analysis of effector gene functions in hypertrophic cartilage during skeletal development, endochondral ossification, and fracture callus healing [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Col10a1

  • The identification of the mouse genomic clone as the alpha 1(X) collagen gene (Col10a1) was confirmed by in situ hybridization of a fragment of the mouse genomic clone to sections from newborn mice [7].


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