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Gene Review

Itgb2l  -  integrin beta 2-like

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 5033406G21Rik, Integrin beta-2-like protein, Protein pactolus, pactolus
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High impact information on Itgb2l

  • In addition, intracellular Pactolus translocates to the neutrophil surface following induction of apoptosis [1].
  • The increased expression of the membrane form of Pactolus by granulocytes of C57BL/6 mice suggests a compensatory adhesion function that is reduced in cells from the low producing strains [2].
  • One gene was identified that was preferentially expressed in the SCF-derived cells and encodes a novel murine integrin beta subunit-like molecule, dubbed Pactolus-1 (Pactolus) [3].
  • Identification of pactolus, an integrin beta subunit-like cell-surface protein preferentially expressed by cells of the bone marrow [3].
  • Two distinct forms of Pactolus mRNA were detected which, via alternative splicing, are predicted to encode a membrane-bound form and truncated version of the protein [3].

Biological context of Itgb2l


Anatomical context of Itgb2l

  • These data suggest that Pactolus does not function as a neutrophil phagocytic or adhesion receptor, but may instead serve as a sugar-bearing ligand for lectin recognition by other cells [1].

Regulatory relationships of Itgb2l

  • Sequence analysis of the negative control region in the Pactolus promoter suggested potential control by Snail and/or Smad families of transcription regulators [5].
  • The numbers and expression patterns of these resident CXCL13-expressing cells do not vary in na??ve animals of wild type or Pactolus-deficient origin [6].

Other interactions of Itgb2l


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Itgb2l


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