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Gene Review

Cd180  -  CD180 antigen

Mus musculus

Synonyms: F630107B15, Ly-78, Ly78, Lymphocyte antigen 78, RP105, ...
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High impact information on Cd180


Biological context of Cd180


Anatomical context of Cd180

  • The toll-like receptor protein RP105 regulates lipopolysaccharide signaling in B cells [2].
  • These results demonstrate that a signal via RP105 is uniquely important for regulating TLR-dependent Ab production to microbial membranes [9].
  • RP105 ligation in vivo induced plasma cell differentiation [9].
  • RP105 expression was approximately 3-fold higher on marginal zone B cells than on follicular and B1 cells and was down-regulated on germinal center cells [9].
  • The expression of the human RP105 transcript was detected in some B cell lines, a histiocytic leukemia cell line, and peripheral blood leukocytes [7].

Associations of Cd180 with chemical compounds

  • Amino- and carboxyl-flanking regions that are characteristically conserved among members of the family are located on both sides of tandemly repeated leucine-rich motifs in RP105 molecule [5].
  • LPS induced tyrosine phosphorylation of CD19, which was RP105-dependent but TLR4-independent [10].


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