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Gene Review

EVC  -  Ellis van Creveld syndrome

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DWF-1, EVC1, EVCL, Ellis-van Creveld syndrome protein
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Disease relevance of EVC


High impact information on EVC


Biological context of EVC

  • Haplotype and linkage disequilibrium analysis of the CRMP1 and EVC genes [1].
  • We genotyped eight different single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the CRMP1 and EVC genes in 90 control individuals of diverse ethnicity [1].
  • This rare disorder is found with increased frequency among the Old Order Amish community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We have used linkage analysis to localize the gene responsible for the EVC phenotype in nine interrelated Amish pedigrees and three unrelated families from Mexico, Ecuador, and Brazil [2].
  • Ellis van Creveld syndrome (EVC) is an autosomal recessive disorder which has previously been mapped to human chromosome 4p16 [9].
  • Nonetheless, direct DNA sequencing of both exons of the MSX1 gene in five affected individuals segregating with the EVC phenotype, as well as those of two obligate carriers, revealed no mutations in the coding region of the gene [9].

Anatomical context of EVC


Associations of EVC with chemical compounds

  • In the MCh group, FVC (4.16+/-0.94 L) and EVC (4.19+/-0.89 L) were the largest volumes, although only the difference between FVC and FIVCfe (3.76+/-0.81 L) reached statistical significance [15].
  • In the course of our analysis of genomic sequence from the human chromosome 4p16.1 region harboring both the Wolfram and Ellis van Creveld syndrome genes we have identified a sequence with high homology (98% at the amino acid level) to the rat cDNA coding for the protein phosphatase 2A BRgamma (PP2ABRgamma) regulatory subunit [16].

Other interactions of EVC


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of EVC


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