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Gene Review

Morf4l1  -  mortality factor 4 like 1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: MORF-related gene 15 protein, MORFRG15, MRG15, Mortality factor 4-like protein 1, Mrg15, ...
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Disease relevance of Morf4l1


High impact information on Morf4l1


Biological context of Morf4l1

  • Characterization of the expression pattern of mouse MrgX demonstrated it was ubiquitously expressed in all tissues of adult mice and also during embryogenesis and overlapped with its homolog Mrg15 [2].
  • MRG15 associates with at least two nucleoprotein complexes that include histone acetyltransferases and/or histone deacetylases, suggesting it is involved in chromatin remodeling [1].
  • Immunohistochemical analysis indicates that apoptosis in Mrg15-/- embryos is not increased compared with wild-type littermates [1].
  • The mouse MRG15 gene is composed of twelve exons and spans over 24 kb DNA [3].
  • Pf1 has independent binding sites for MRG15 and mSin3A [4].

Anatomical context of Morf4l1


Other interactions of Morf4l1


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