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Gene Review

Zfx  -  zinc finger protein X-linked

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Zfx5, Zfx5,6, Zfx6, Zinc finger X-chromosomal protein
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Disease relevance of Zfx

  • We also show that the mouse androgen receptor locus (m-AR) believed to underlie the testicular feminization mutation (Tfm) shows complete linkage to Zfx [1].

High impact information on Zfx

  • A1s9X is similar to the Zfx gene in undergoing X-inactivation, yet having homologous sequences on the short arm of the Y chromosome, which are expressed in the testis [2].
  • We have devised a system to analyse whether specific genes on the mouse X chromosome are inactivated, and demonstrate that both Zfx and Rps4X undergo normal X-inactivation in mice [3].
  • Zfa is an expressed retroposon derived from an alternative transcript of the Zfx gene [4].
  • Using this allelic variation, we assessed expression of the two Zfx genes in females carrying the T(X;16)16H translocation (from laboratory strain of mouse [corrected]) and an intact X chromosome (from M. spretus) [5].
  • Such females exhibit Zfx transcription from the active laboratory strain of mouse [corrected] chromosome but not from the inactive M. spretus chromosome [5].

Biological context of Zfx


Anatomical context of Zfx

  • Zfx mutation results in small animal size and reduced germ cell number in male and female mice [9].

Other interactions of Zfx

  • An analysis of cDNA clones demonstrated that Zfx encodes a 799-amino-acid protein that is 70% identical to the mouse Zfy-1 and Zfy-2 proteins [6].
  • We show here that Zfa has arisen recently by retroposition of one of at least three alternatively spliced mRNAs transcribed from the Zfx gene [4].
  • Pulsed-field mapping of a number of DNA markers in the Pola-Zfx region of the mouse X chromosome has established a genomic restriction map extending over 1.4 Mb [10].
  • Physical mapping of the transgene by FISH localized a single insertion site to the interval between Dmd and Zfx on the X Chr [11].
  • The presence or absence of a region of the Sry (sex-determining region Y) gene determines sex, and amplification of the Zfy (male) or Zfx (female) genes acts as a positive control for PCR [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Zfx


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