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Gene Review

Cort  -  cortistatin

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Cortistatin
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Disease relevance of Cort


Psychiatry related information on Cort


High impact information on Cort


Biological context of Cort


Anatomical context of Cort


Associations of Cort with chemical compounds

  • However, in the presence of Cort, only PTH increased %45Ca release while PGE2 did not [6].
  • Adrenalectomized rats were injected with corticosterone (ADX Cort) or corn oil (ADX) 5 min before exercise [10].
  • Relative binding affinity of ligands to the PPR which was estimated by competitions was higher in the order of triamcinolone acetonide greater than Dex greater than Cort greater than Pred greater than progesterone greater than cortexolone [11].
  • Application of met-enkephalin during the desensitized portion of the response to a high concentration of cortistatin (3 microM) produced an outward current similar to that produced by metenkephalin application alone [5].
  • Injection of rats with kainic acid (KA; 10 mg/kg; i.p.) generated a strong seizure activity which was attenuated by the i.c.v. application of 1 and 10 nmol CST-14 when given 10 min before KA [8].

Physical interactions of Cort

  • We conclude that CST-14 exerts neuroprotective effects by binding to somatostatin receptors which in turn leads to a reduced release of excitotoxic neurotransmitters [8].

Regulatory relationships of Cort


Other interactions of Cort

  • Cort decreased TDR and CDP while Indo did not [6].
  • Application of a high concentration of SRIF (3 microM) during the desensitized portion of the cortistatin response produced only a small outward current [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cort


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