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Gene Review

int  - 

Enterobacteria phage lambda

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Biological context of int

  • The structures show how the simultaneous binding of two separate domains of lambda-int to DNA facilitates synapsis and can specify the order of DNA strand cleavage and exchange [6].
  • After transduction of each copy, a helper plasmid bearing phage lambda xis and int genes is introduced into the cells to excise the drug resistance gene flanked with the lambda attL and lambda attR sites from the chromosome [7].
  • The DNA sequence of the int and xis genes of lambda bacteriophage, as well as that of the PI promoter and a region of unknown function beyond this, was determined by the chain termination procedure [8].
  • To analyse the mechanism by which rare codons near the initiation codon inhibit cell growth and protein synthesis, we used the bacteriophage lambda int gene or early codon substitution derivatives [9].
  • Removal of a terminator structure by RNA processing regulates int gene expression [10].

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