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Gene Review

MC2R  -  melanocortin 2 receptor...

Bos taurus

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High impact information on MC2R


Biological context of MC2R

  • Thus, the involvement of protein kinase A and C pathways in ACTH action may be mediated in part by phosphorylation of the ACTH receptor at these motifs [6].
  • We isolated five independent cDNAs of nearly 3000 bp for the bovine ACTH receptor by screening adrenal cortex cDNA libraries with a PCR cloned cDNA fragment [6].
  • However, although potentially regulated by hormones, MC5-R is expressed at a level at least 100 times less than MC2-R, suggesting that MC5-R expression might only be at trace levels in grown adults, but could be much higher during embryogenesis [7].

Anatomical context of MC2R

  • The response of the cultured theca cells was more acute than that of the adrenocortical cells, possibly reflecting the propensity of the LH receptor to desensitize rapidly, unlike the ACTH receptor [8].

Associations of MC2R with chemical compounds


Other interactions of MC2R


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