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Gene Review

Sox10  -  SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 10

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Transcription factor SOX-10
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High impact information on Sox10


Biological context of Sox10

  • Instead, Sox10 functioned synergistically with the POU domain protein Tst-1/Oct6/SCIP with which it is coexpressed during certain stages of Schwann cell development [3].
  • Here we show that Sox10 functions through two different types of DNA response elements, one that allows binding of monomers, and a second that favors cooperative binding of two molecules [4].
  • This dimeric binding required the presence of two heptameric Sox binding sites in a specific orientation and spacing, and was mediated by an N-terminal region of Sox10 with high conservation in the related Sox9, which also exhibited dimeric binding [4].

Anatomical context of Sox10

  • In the CNS, Sox10 transcripts were originally confined to glial precursors and later detected in oligodendrocytes of the adult brain [3].

Associations of Sox10 with chemical compounds


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