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Gene Review

wnt8a  -  wingless-type MMTV integration site family...

Danio rerio

Synonyms: Protein Wnt-8a, SO:0000704, wnt-8, wnt8, wnt8.1, ...
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Psychiatry related information on wnt8a

  • With regard to identifying which endogenous Wnt is responsible for this initial critical period, we established that wnt8 is expressed in the appropriate time and place to participate in this process [1].

High impact information on wnt8a

  • Likewise, activation of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling by overexpression of wnt8 increases proliferation of progenitor cells in the regenerating fin [2].
  • In embryos injected with wnt3a and wnt8 morpholinos, expression of genes in undifferentiated presomitic mesoderm is initiated, but not maintained [3].
  • Inhibition of nlk using morpholino oligos reveals essential roles in regulating ventrolateral mesoderm formation in conjunction with wnt8, and in patterning of the midbrain, possibly functioning with wnt8b [4].
  • In addition, the bozozok forebrain reduction is suppressed in bozozok;squint;cyclops triple mutants, and is associated with reduced wnt8 expression, as seen in cyclops;squint mutants [5].
  • A RT-PCR assay demonstrated that wnt8 is expressed maternally, with transcripts detected throughout embryogenesis, whereas wnt8b transcripts were first detected during late gastrulation [6].

Biological context of wnt8a

  • These phenotypes can be fully rescued by overexpression of Wnt inhibitors or by inactivation of wnt8a [7].

Anatomical context of wnt8a

  • The wnt8 transcripts at 50% epiboly are spatially restricted to those cells at the blastoderm margin, overlying gsc-expressing cells in the axial hypoblast [6].
  • In vertebrates, wnt8 has been implicated in the early patterning of the mesoderm [8].
  • These data demonstrate that the zebrafish wnt8 locus is required during gastrulation to pattern both the mesoderm and the neural ectoderm properly [8].
  • Importantly, (6) overexpression of sp5-like is able to partially restore normal hindbrain patterning in wnt8 morphants [9].

Other interactions of wnt8a


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