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Gene Review

eIF4E-7  -  CG32859 gene product from transcript...

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG11392, CG11393, CG32859, CT31794, Dmel\CG32859, ...
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Disease relevance of eIF4E-7


High impact information on eIF4E-7

  • Thus, d4E-BP is an important downstream effector of a dFOXO phenotype, and regulation of translation by eIF4E is vital during environmental stress [3].
  • Starvation and oxidative stress resistance in Drosophila are mediated through the eIF4E-binding protein, d4E-BP [3].
  • We furthermore show that cup and eIF4E interact genetically, because a reduction in the level of eIF4E activity deteriorates the development and growth of ovaries bearing homozygous cup mutant alleles [4].
  • Cup is required for the correct accumulation and localization of eIF4E within the posterior cytoplasm of developing oocytes [4].
  • We generated lk6 loss-of-function alleles and found that eIF4E phosphorylation is dramatically reduced in lk6 mutants [5].

Biological context of eIF4E-7


Associations of eIF4E-7 with chemical compounds

  • To overcome this protective mechanism, we introduced alanine substitutions at four phosphorylation/inactivation sites in 4EBP1 to constitutively activate a 4EBP mu to block eIF4E [9].


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