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Gene Review

Rab5  -  CG3664 gene product from transcript CG3664-RC

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: AAF51265, BAA88244, CG3664, DRab5, Dm Rab5, ...
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Disease relevance of Rab5

  • In a genomewide screen, the largest class of toxicity modifiers were proteins functioning at this same step, including the Rab guanosine triphosphatase Ypt1p, which associated with cytoplasmic alphaSyn inclusions [1].

High impact information on Rab5

  • Disruption of endocytosis by dominant negative dynamin or Rab5 prevents Smo internalization [2].
  • Mutations in a second class of genes, the neoplastic tumor-suppressor genes, disrupt proteins that function either as scaffolds at cell-cell junctions (scribble, discs large, lgl) or as components of the endocytic pathway (avalanche, rab5, ESCRT components) [3].
  • Protein accumulation results from a failure in endosomal entry and progression towards lysosomal degradation; these and other avl phenotypes are also detected in Rab5 null mutant cells [4].
  • We demonstrate that the small GTPase Rab5 is required for endosome integrity in the presynaptic terminal [5].
  • Impaired Rab5 function affects endo- and exocytosis rates and decreases the evoked neurotransmitter release probability [5].

Anatomical context of Rab5

  • These enlarged endosomes are positive for Rab5 and Hrs, a protein involved in trafficking into the degradative pathway [6].
  • Finally, blocking the N transportation from the plasma membrane to the late-endosome by a dominant-negative form of Rab5 inhibited the Dx-mediated activation of N signaling, suggesting that the accumulation of N in the late-endosome was required for the Dx-mediated Su(H)-independent N signaling [7].
  • By contrast, GPI-AP and fluid-phase endocytosis are quantitatively unaffected at the restrictive temperature in shits hemocytes, demonstrating a constitutive dDyn and Rab5-independent endocytic pathway in Drosophila [8].
  • Analysis of mutations in beta(Heavy)-spectrin, the Drosophila brush border spectrin, reveals that this protein is necessary for the maintenance of Rab5 endosomes in the midgut [9].
  • These novel interactions between the microtubule-binding Hook1 and the large family of Rab GTPases also suggest a link between CLN3 function, microtubule cytoskeleton and endocytic membrane trafficking [10].

Associations of Rab5 with chemical compounds

  • Absence of Sprint, a receptor-recruited, Ras-activated Rab5 guanine exchange factor, gives related defects [11].

Other interactions of Rab5


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