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Gene Review

kst  -  karst

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG12008, Dmel\CG12008, Kst, Spec-beta[[H]], beta-Spectrin, ...
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Disease relevance of kst

  • We have isolated mutations in the gene encoding &bgr ;Heavy-spectrin in Drosophila, and have named this essential locus karst. karst mutant individuals have a pleiotropic phenotype characterized by extensive larval lethality and, in adult escapers, rough eyes, bent wings, tracheal defects and infertility [1].

High impact information on kst

  • This is followed by the redistribution of beta Heavy-spectrin, a component of the membrane cytoskeleton, and by the ectopic deposition of cuticle and other apical components into these areas [2].
  • Although Ankyrin is not required for the localization of the Spectrin skeleton to the neuromuscular junction, it contributes to Spectrin-mediated synapse development [3].
  • Crumbs interacts with moesin and beta(Heavy)-spectrin in the apical membrane skeleton of Drosophila [4].
  • Consistent with this hypothesis, we report that Crumbs is necessary for the organization of the apical SBMS in embryos and Schneider 2 cells, whereas the localization of Crumbs is not affected in karst mutants that eliminate the apical SBMS [4].
  • We report that apical beta(Heavy)-spectrin (beta(H)), a terminal web protein that is also associated with the zonula adherens, is essential for normal epithelial morphogenesis of the Drosophila follicle cell epithelium during oogenesis [5].

Biological context of kst


Anatomical context of kst


Associations of kst with chemical compounds

  • Rhodamine phalloidin staining of karst mutant ovaries similarly reveals no conspicuous defect in the actin cytoskeleton or cellular morphology in egg chambers [1].

Co-localisations of kst


Other interactions of kst


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