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Gene Review

mei-218  -  meiotic 218

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG33067, CG8923, Dmel\CG8923
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High impact information on mei-218

  • Recombination-defective mutants at two loci that are known to decrease drastically the frequency of meiotic crossing-over do not decrease the frequency of gene conversion at the rosy locus. mei-9 mutant alleles produce frequent postmeiotic segregants manifested as mosaic progeny whereas controls and mei-218 mutants produce none [1].
  • This pattern corresponds to a specific appearance of the mei-218 gene product in the region of the ovary where meiotic prophase occurs [2].
  • To understand the role of mei-218 in meiosis and to study the regulation of genes required for meiotic recombination, we characterized the expression pattern of its RNA and protein [2].
  • This is striking because mei-217 and mei-218 are part of the same transcription unit and are most likely produced from a dicistronic message [3].
  • These phenotypes are most similar to mutants of the mei-218 gene [3].

Biological context of mei-218


Anatomical context of mei-218


Regulatory relationships of mei-218

  • The mei-218 mutant phenotype has been rescued by germline transformation with both a genomic fragment and a cDNA under the control of the hsp83 promoter [4].

Other interactions of mei-218

  • Within a region of 65 kb, we have identified seven transcription units, including mei-218 and the Minute(1)15D gene, which encodes ribosomal protein S5 [4].
  • The cytological effects of mutant alleles of the mei-9, mei-218, and mei-41 loci during prophase I have been examined by electron microscopy [6].
  • The parallel effects of mei-218 and mei-41 on meiotic recombination and on recombination nodules indicate that spherical recombination nodules at least mark the site of exchange events; the effects of these mutants on nodule morphology suggest that the nodule performs an active role in the recombination process [6].


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