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Gene Review

W  -  Wrinkled

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG5123, Cell death protein W, Dmel\CG5123, HID, Hid, ...
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Disease relevance of W


High impact information on W


Biological context of W

  • Conversely, cell death induced by overexpression of Hid was suppressed by gain-of-function mutations of the genes coding for MEK and ERK [7].
  • A second Drosophila IAP, DIAP2, also binds Rpr and Hid and inhibits apoptosis in multiple contexts when overexpressed [8].
  • Increasing the genetic dose of diap2 results in an increased immune response, whereas expression of Rpr or Hid results in down-regulation of DIAP2 protein levels [8].
  • Although the abnormal wing phenotype caused by the Wrinkled (W) mutation is quite different from the one resulting from the loss-of-function hid mutations, the characterization of EMS-induced W revertants reveals that W is actually an antimorphic allele of hid [9].
  • Molecular genetic studies in Drosophila have revealed the existence of three novel apoptotic activators, reaper, head involution defective and grim [10].

Anatomical context of W


Associations of W with chemical compounds

  • Nevertheless, interaction with Hid is not sufficient for Op-IAP to inhibit apoptosis induced by Hid overexpression or by treatment with actinomycin D, indicating that additional sequence elements are required for the anti-apoptotic function of Op-IAP [16].

Regulatory relationships of W


Other interactions of W


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