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Gene Review

GLUL  -  glutamate-ammonia ligase

Canis lupus familiaris

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High impact information on GLUL

  • However, there was no apparent significant difference between the two cell lines in the pattern of changes of GS activity in response to glutamine [1].
  • The glutamine synthetase (GS) activity of both cell lines was elevated (up to x 9) as glutamine was depleted from normal media (GMEM + gmine) [1].
  • The high activity of GS was maintained during McCoy cell growth in GMEM + gmate [1].
  • In the human and mouse GS genes, extra exons are also found at the corresponding site of the intron 1 but with different sizes [2].
  • An exon-trapping experiment for the GS gene in COS-7, Madin-Darby canine kidney and SK-N-SH cells revealed that the pattern of alternative splicing is variable in different cell types [2].

Biological context of GLUL

  • The genomic structure of dog GS shown in the present study is basically similar to that of other mammals in that it is composed of seven exons and six introns [2].

Anatomical context of GLUL


Associations of GLUL with chemical compounds


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