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Gene Review

dj  -  don juan

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG1980, DJ, Dj, Dmel\CG1980, Sperm-specific protein Don juan, ...
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High impact information on dj


Biological context of dj

  • Thus, these observations strongly suggest that dj transcripts are under translational repression until in spermiogenesis [4].
  • The expression of Don Juan is limited to male germ cells where transcription of the dj gene is initiated during meiotic prophase [4].
  • Analysis of male sterile mutants which fail to undergo meiosis shows that release of dj mRNA from translational repression is independent of meiosis [3].
  • The don juan gene codes for a sperm specific protein component with an unusual repetitive six amino acid motif (DPCKKK) in the carboxy-terminal part of the protein [4].
  • Moreover, expression studies in several male sterile mutants reveal that don juan mRNA is translated in earlier developmental stages during sperm morphogenesis than the Mst(3)CGP mRNAs [3].

Anatomical context of dj

  • The don juan gene is transcribed in primary spermatocytes under the control of 23 bp upstream in combination with downstream sequences [3].

Regulatory relationships of dj

  • The Drosophila don juan (dj) gene encodes a basic protein that is expressed solely in the male germline and shows structural similarities to the linker histone H1 [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of dj

  • But Western blot experiments indicate that DJ protein occurs just postmeiotically [4].


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