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Gene Review

MDH1  -  malate dehydrogenase 1, NAD (soluble)

Felis catus

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Disease relevance of MDH

  • Immediately before the onset of vasoproliferations, that is in the stage of maximal hypoxia, the activities of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PDH), malate dehydrogenase (MDH) and isocitrate dehydrogenase (ICDH) were determined [1].

High impact information on MDH

  • The purpose of the present study was to perform a qualitative light, and especially electron microscopic (LM and EM), examination of CGRP-immunoreactivity (IR) within lamina II (substantia gelatinosa) of the feline pars caudalis/medullary dorsal horn (PC/MDH) of the spinal trigeminal nucleus [2].
  • Intrinsically lower and further decreased MDH activities may be factors that induce insulin resistance observed in diabetic cats [3].
  • In the diabetic dogs and cats, fasting plasma glucose concentrations were three- or fourfold greater than the control levels in spite of insulin injections and the activities of cytosolic malate dehydrogenase (MDH), one of pivotal enzymes in the malate-aspartate shuttle, were remarkably lower than the controls [3].
  • Feline leukocytes showed higher LDH and lower MDH activities than canine or rabbit leukocytes [4].
  • By contrast, MDH and LDH activities were remarkably low in the middle ear muscles, lower than in any of the hindlimb muscles or the extraocular muscles [5].

Biological context of MDH


Anatomical context of MDH


Associations of MDH with chemical compounds

  • The activities of the enzymes involved in the malate-aspartate shuttle and the expression of malate dehydrogenase (MDH), a rate-limiting enzyme in the NADH shuttle that produces ATP in glucose metabolism in leukocytes, were determined to investigate the differences in this shuttle system in the peripheral leukocytes of dogs and cats [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MDH

  • Depressed expression of cytosolic MDH mRNA was confirmed by RT-PCR analysis in the diabetic animals [3].


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