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Gene Review

Tbata  -  thymus, brain and testes associated

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 1700021K02Rik, AI428928, Protein SPATIAL, Protein TBATA, Spatial, ...
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High impact information on 1700021K02Rik


Biological context of 1700021K02Rik


Anatomical context of 1700021K02Rik

  • We report here, by RT-PCR on 48 distinct tissues that Spatial is also highly expressed in testis [6].
  • The "Stromal Protein Associated with Thymii And Lymph-node" (Spatial) gene encodes a putative transcription factor which may be involved in T-cell development [5].

Associations of 1700021K02Rik with chemical compounds

  • We further examined the inter-species conservation of Spatial between several mammals and identified that the protein which is rich in proline and positive amino acids, is highly conserved [5].

Other interactions of 1700021K02Rik


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