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Gene Review

Fgf20  -  fibroblast growth factor 20

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: FGF-20, Fibroblast growth factor 20
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Disease relevance of Fgf20

  • To examine the biological activity of FGF-20, recombinant rat FGF-20 was produced by insect cells infected with recombinant baculovirus containing rat FGF-20 cDNA [1].
  • No toxicity was noted during administration of FGF-20 to normal controls [2].
  • CONCLUSIONS: FGF-20, having demonstrated therapeutic activity in 2 experimental models of intestinal inflammation, represents a promising new candidate for the treatment of human inflammatory bowel disease [2].
  • In the indomethacin-small bowel ulceration/inflammation model, administration of FGF-20 reduced small intestinal weight gain, necrosis, inflammation, and weight loss (36%-53% relative to vehicle control) [2].
  • RESULTS: In the DSS-colitis model, prophylactic administration of FGF-20 significantly reduced the severity and extent of mucosal damage as indicated by a 55%-93% reduction in luminal blood loss, distal colonic edema, histologic inflammation, and epithelial cell loss relative to animals administered vehicle control [2].

High impact information on Fgf20

  • We hereby provide evidence that FGF-20, a growth factor of the FGF family, is expressed in the adult and 6-OHDA-lesioned striatum and substantia nigra, but is not expressed by VM glia or DA neurons, suggesting that FGF-20 may work on DA neurons in a paracrine- or target-derived manner [3].
  • RT-PCR showed, that both, Schwann cells and Nurr1-NSCs (differentiated or not), expressed the FGF-1 receptor suggesting that both direct and indirect actions of FGF-20 are possible [3].
  • FGF-20 slightly enhanced the survival of total neurons of the midbrain, indicating that it preferentially enhanced the survival of dopaminergic neurons [4].
  • Preferential neurotrophic activity of fibroblast growth factor-20 for dopaminergic neurons through fibroblast growth factor receptor-1c [4].

Anatomical context of Fgf20

  • Recombinant rat FGF-20 enhanced the survival of midbrain dopaminergic neurons [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Fgf20


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