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Gene Review

FGF20  -  fibroblast growth factor 20

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FGF-20, Fibroblast growth factor 20, RHDA2
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Disease relevance of FGF20


High impact information on FGF20


Chemical compound and disease context of FGF20


Biological context of FGF20


Anatomical context of FGF20


Other interactions of FGF20

  • Human FGF20 gene was linked to EFHA2 gene in head-to-head manner with an interval of about 25 kb [2].
  • Phylogenic analysis indicated that FGF-20, FGF-9, and FGF-16 constitute a subfamily among the FGF family [3].
  • Whereas FGF-20 promoted cell multiplication at low doses, FGF-19 was required at high doses to achieve a comparable effect [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of FGF20


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