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Gene Review

ZNF24  -  zinc finger protein 24

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: KOX17, RSG-A, Retinoic acid suppression protein A, ZNF191, ZSCAN3, ...
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Disease relevance of ZNF24

  • AIM: Human zinc finger protein 191 (ZNF191) was cloned and characterized as a Kruppel-like transcription factor, which might be relevant to many diseases such as liver cancer, neuropsychiatric and cardiovascular diseases [1].

High impact information on ZNF24

  • Two specific proteins, ZNF191, a zinc finger protein, and HBP1, an HMG box transcription factor, which bind the TCAT motif, were then cloned [2].
  • Biochemical binding studies confirmed the associations of ZNF191 and SDP1 with ZNF202 and established the SCAN domain as a selective hetero- and homotypic oligomerization domain [3].
  • The interacting ZNF191 protein represents the family of SCAN domain-containing zinc finger proteins, whereas the novel SDP1 protein establishes a new family of genes that encode an isolated SCAN domain [3].
  • The results indicated that ZNF255 might be a conditional transactivator, whereas ZNF253 and ZNF191 displayed a suppressive effect on the transcription in yeast and/or mammalian systems [4].
  • Allelic variations of HUMTH01 have been stated to have a quantitative silencing effect on TH gene expression and to correlate with quantitative and qualitative changes in the binding by ZNF191 [5].

Biological context of ZNF24


Anatomical context of ZNF24


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ZNF24


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