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Gene Review

RR2  -  transcription factor response regulator 2

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ARR2, DL4095W, FCAALL.287, response regulator 2
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High impact information on ARR2


Biological context of ARR2


Associations of ARR2 with chemical compounds

  • Thus, the data indicate that ethylene and H(2)O(2) signalling in guard cells are mediated by ETR1 via EIN2 and ARR2-dependent pathway(s), and identify AtrbohF as a key mediator of stomatal responses to ethylene [6].

Other interactions of ARR2

  • Yeast two-hybrid analysis and in vitro interaction studies suggest that ARR2 very probably forms part of a multistep two-component signalling mechanism that includes HPt proteins like AHP1 or AHP2 [5].
  • This motif is highly similar to the optimal DNA-binding sites for ARR1/ARR2, type-B ARRs that have been implicated in the transcriptional elevation of the type-A ARRs [7].
  • Multiple members within this same subfamily of type-B ARRs were expressed near the root tip with highest expression in the root elongation zone. beta-Glucuronidase-fusions to full-length ARR2, ARR12, and ARR19 were nuclear localized, consistent with a role in transcriptional regulation [8].
  • AtARP5, AtARP6, and AtARP8 each have distinct transcript expression patterns in seedlings, roots, leaves, flowers, and siliques [9].


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