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Gene Review

PMC1  -  calcium-transporting ATPase PMC1

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Calcium-transporting ATPase 2, Vacuolar Ca(2+)-ATPase, YGL006W
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Disease relevance of PMC1

  • Instead, the prz1-null cells showed hypersensitivity to Ca(2+), consistent with a dramatic decrease in transcription of Pmc1 Ca(2+) pump [1].
  • We also show that suppression of calcium toxicity by the calcium pumps Pmr1p and Pmc1p is restricted only to the subset of mutants defective in vacuole morphology [2].

High impact information on PMC1

  • In addition, we found that the calcineurin-dependent transcriptional regulation of PMR2 and PMC1 required CRZ1 [3].
  • A second Ca2+ ATPase homolog encoded by the PMR1 gene acts together with PMC1 to prevent lethal activation of calcineurin even in standard (low Ca2+) conditions [4].
  • The PMC1 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae encodes a vacuole membrane protein that is 40% identical to the plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPases (PMCAs) of mammalian cells [4].
  • Calcineurin-dependent growth control in Saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants lacking PMC1, a homolog of plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPases [4].
  • Mutations in calcineurin A or B subunits or the inhibitory compounds FK506 and cyclosporin A restore growth of pmc1 mutants in high Ca2+ media [4].

Biological context of PMC1


Anatomical context of PMC1

  • We also show that Snf3p could be involved in the control of Pmc1p activity that would regulate the calcium availability in the cytosol [7].

Associations of PMC1 with chemical compounds

  • ACA4 and PMC1, the yeast vacuolar Ca(2+)-ATPase, conferred protection against osmotic stress such as high NaCl, KCl, and mannitol when expressed in the K616 strain [8].
  • However, PMC1 did not play a direct role in the survival of C. albicans when exposed to fluconazole [9].
  • We conclude that Nyv1p can interact physically with Pmc1p and inhibit its Ca(2+) transport activity in the vacuole membrane [10].
  • These observations suggest that Li+ inhibition of phosphoglucomutase results in an increased glucose-1-phosphate-to-glucose-6-phosphate ratio, which results in an accelerated rate of vacuolar Ca2+ uptake via the Ca2+-ATPase Pmc1p [11].

Other interactions of PMC1

  • In the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the Golgi PMR1 Ca(2+)-ATPase and the vacuole PMC1 Ca(2+)-ATPase function together in Ca2+ sequestration and Ca2+ tolerance [5].
  • Activities of VCX1 and PMC1 help to control cytosolic free Ca2+ concentrations because their function can decrease pmc1::lacZ induction by calcineurin [12].
  • Inhibition of the Ca(2+)-ATPase Pmc1p by the v-SNARE protein Nyv1p [10].


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