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Gene Review

Atp2b2  -  ATPase, Ca++ transporting, plasma membrane 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: D6Abb2e, Gena300, PMCA2, Plasma membrane calcium ATPase isoform 2, Plasma membrane calcium pump isoform 2, ...
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Disease relevance of Atp2b2


High impact information on Atp2b2

  • These mutations affecting Atp2b2 in dfw and dfw2J are the first to be found in a mammalian plasma membrane calcium pump and define a new class of deafness genes that directly affect hair-cell physiology [6].
  • In the cochlea, the protein Atp2b2 is localized to stereocilia and the basolateral wall of hair cells in wild-type mice, but is not detected in dfw2J mice [6].
  • Ca(2+) enters the stereocilia of hair cells through mechanoelectrical transduction channels opened by the deflection of the hair bundle and is exported back to endolymph by an unusual splicing isoform (w/a) of plasma-membrane calcium-pump isoform 2 (PMCA2) [7].
  • The family also was screened for mutations in cadherin 23, which accentuated hearing loss in a previously described human family with a PMCA2 mutation [7].
  • At variance with the other PMCA2 isoforms, it became activated only marginally when exposed to a Ca(2+) pulse [7].

Biological context of Atp2b2

  • To examine the physiological role of PMCA2bw in lactation we compared lactating PMCA2-null mice to heterozygous and wild-type mice [8].
  • Plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase isoform 2 (PMCA2) exhibits a highly restricted tissue distribution, suggesting that it serves more specialized physiological functions than some of the other isoforms [4].
  • In contrast, lactose was higher in milk from PMCA2-null mice during early lactation, but by day 12 of lactation there were no differences in milk lactose between the three genotypes [8].
  • Since PMCA2 is expressed in the cerebellum and plays an important role to maintain the homeostasis of the intracellular Ca2+ as a Ca2+ pump, the behavioral defect can be ascribed to the impairment of Ca2+ regulation in neurons of the cerebellum [9].
  • The 'Wriggle Mouse Sagami (WMS)' is a new neurological mutant with severe dystonic movements of the trunk and extremities whose pathological characters are transmitted by an autosomal recessive gene (wri) [10].

Anatomical context of Atp2b2

  • Our findings suggest that a reduction in PMCA2 level or activity leading to delays in calcium clearance may cause neuronal damage and loss in the spinal cord [3].
  • Importantly, the number of spinal cord motor neurons is significantly decreased in PMCA2-deficient mice and the deafwaddler(2J), a mouse with a functionally null mutation in the PMCA2 gene [3].
  • A unique role in hearing is indicated by the high levels of PMCA2 expression in cochlear outer hair cells and spiral ganglion cells [4].
  • These data demonstrate that PMCA2 is required for both balance and hearing and suggest that it may be a major source of the calcium used in the formation and maintenance of otoconia [4].
  • Histological analysis of the cerebellum and inner ear of mutant and wild-type mice revealed that null mutants had slightly increased numbers of Purkinje neurons (in which PMCA2 is highly expressed), a decreased thickness of the molecular layer, an absence of otoconia in the vestibular system, and a range of abnormalities of the organ of Corti [4].

Associations of Atp2b2 with chemical compounds

  • In this region, nucleotide transition of the plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase isoform 2 (PMCA2) gene was found, which caused a glutamic acid to change into lysine [9].
  • We now report that the levels of metabotropic glutamate receptor 1 (mGluR1), which plays essential roles in motor coordination, synaptic plasticity, and associative learning, are reduced in the cerebellum of PMCA2-null mice as compared to wild type littermates [11].

Physical interactions of Atp2b2

  • Here we describe the identification and characterization of a new allele of deaf waddler (dfw2J) and present evidence for a hearing susceptibility locus (mdfw) that interacts with dfw [1].

Other interactions of Atp2b2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Atp2b2


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