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Gene Review

GCY1  -  glycerol 2-dehydrogenase (NADP(+)) GCY1

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: GCY, Galactose-inducible crystallin-like protein 1, Glycerol 2-dehydrogenase (NADP(+)), O31567, YOR120W, ...
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High impact information on GCY1

  • Optimization involved modulating the two mitochondrial systems and disrupting of unwanted side reactions associated with ATF2, GCY1, and YPR1 gene products [1].
  • Permanent nucleosome exclusion from the Gal4p-inducible yeast GCY1 promoter [2].
  • Northern blots of GCY1 transcripts confirm that Reb1p modulates basal transcription and has little influence on the galactose-induced state [2].
  • Gal4p, which induces transcription of GCY1 about 25-fold in the presence of galactose, is not required for the alteration in chromatin configuration in the promoter upstream region since the hypersensitive site is unchanged when Gal4p is inactive or absent [2].
  • The type of basal promoter determines the regulated or constitutive mode of transcription in the common control region of the yeast gene pair GCY1/RIO1 [3].

Biological context of GCY1

  • This finding suggests that the nucleotide sequence of the UASGAL in the GCY1 promoter has intrinsic properties, presumably a particular DNA structure, that influence basal transcription and act synergistically with Reb1p [4].
  • GCY1 has a TATA box obeying the consensus TATAAA, whereas the RIO1 5'-upstream region lacks such a motif [3].
  • By contrast to other genes regulated by galactose, disruption mutants of GCY exhibit no obvious phenotype, and in particular do not lose the ability to grow on and adapt to galactose [5].

Anatomical context of GCY1

  • A nuclear yeast gene (GCY) encodes a polypeptide with high homology to a vertebrate eye lens protein [6].

Associations of GCY1 with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of GCY1

  • Reb1p acts independently of position and stimulates basal expression of GCY1 about threefold, whereas Gal4p-mediated activation is not influenced significantly [4].

Other interactions of GCY1

  • The pB3 PGK has a zeocin-selectable marker flanked by loxP sequences and an expression cassette consisting of the strong PGK1 promoter and the GCY1 terminator [8].
  • It contains the transcription termination region of the convergently transcribed yeast genes, GCY1 and PFY1, together with sequences corresponding to the mapped 3'-ends of the respective mRNAs [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GCY1

  • Enzyme tests with AKR-specific substrates suggest that GCY encodes a carbonyl reductase [5].


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