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Gene Review

STK16  -  serine/threonine kinase 16

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: KRCT, MPSK, MPSK1, Myristoylated and palmitoylated serine/threonine-protein kinase, PKL12, ...
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Disease relevance of STK16

  • To confirm these data in vivo, we injected tumor cells overexpressing STK16 into immunodeficient BALBc/SCID mice [1].

High impact information on STK16

  • PKL12 (STK16) is a ubiquitously expressed Ser/Thr kinase, not structurally related to the well known subfamilies, with a putative role in cell adhesion control [2].
  • These results are interpreted to indicate a potential in vivo role for GlcNAcK in PKL12 translocation and a tentative regulatory role for PKL12-mediated phosphorylation on substrate proteins [2].
  • After overexpression, GlcNAcK localizes in vesicular structures associated mainly with the cell membrane and colocalizes with the PKL12 protein [2].
  • In addition, we show that STK16 overexpression in several cell lines enhances their capacity to produce and secrete VEGF [1].
  • HT1080-derived tumors overexpressing STK16 showed increased volume and number of blood vessels compared to controls [1].

Biological context of STK16

  • Radiation hybridization localized the human MPSK gene to chromosome 2q34-37 [3].

Associations of STK16 with chemical compounds

  • Endogenous STK16 subcellular localization was evaluated by indirect immunofluorescence in NIH/3T3 and NRK cells, demonstrating a Golgi-associated pattern that appears to be independent of signals provided by integrin pathways [1].
  • The protein kinase has been accordingly denoted as the myristylated and palmitylated serine/threonine protein kinase (MPSK) [3].
  • Epitope tagged human MPSK was found to be acylated by myristic acid at glycine residue 2 and by palmitic acid at cysteines 6 and/or 8 [3].
  • While epitope tagged MPSK in immune complexes or purified human glutathione S transferase-MPSK was found to autophosphorylate at one or more threonine residues, the enzyme was not found to phosphorylate several other common exogenous substrates [3].
  • The small Photosystem I particles prepared from spinach chloroplasts by the action of Triton X-100 (TSF 1 particles) reaggregate into membrane structures when they are incubated with soybean phospholipids and cholate and then subjected to a slow dialysis [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of STK16

  • RT-PCR analysis of several cell lines also supports this view, therefore suggesting that PKL12 may play a role in a very general cellular function, probably related with the secretory pathway [5].


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