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Gene Review

PER3  -  period circadian clock 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Cell growth-inhibiting gene 13 protein, Circadian clock protein PERIOD 3, GIG13, Period circadian protein homolog 3, hPER3
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Disease relevance of PER3


Psychiatry related information on PER3

  • However, the trends for ARNTL and PER3 are suggestive of their involvement in bipolar disorder and warrant further study in a larger sample [3].
  • The data show that this polymorphism in PER3 predicts individual differences in the sleep-loss-induced decrement in performance and that this differential susceptibility may be mediated by its effects on sleep homeostasis [4].

High impact information on PER3


Biological context of PER3


Other interactions of PER3

  • Genetic variations within the human PER2 and PER3 genes have been linked with diurnal preference and disorders of sleep timing [11].


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