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Gene Review

CEP170  -  centrosomal protein 170kDa

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Centrosomal protein of 170 kDa, Cep170, FAM68A, KAB, KARP-1-binding protein, ...
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Disease relevance of CEP170

  • It is known that the knowledge, attitude and behavior (KAB) of physicians with respect to hypertension directly affect the prevention of hypertension and associated cardiovascular diseases [1].
  • A study of the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices (KABP) relating to HIV/AIDS was conducted among people from Bangladesh seeking work overseas (N = 300), during February, 1997 and March, 1997 [2].
  • DESIGN AND SETTING: A questionnaire survey of knowledge, attitudes, behaviour and practice (KABP) in relation to STDs was distributed to 520 Victorian GPs randomly selected from the Australian Medical Publishing Company's (AMPCo) database of Australian medical practitioners [3].
  • OBJECTIVES: To assess the relationship between the infection status of children and their knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices (KABP) related to urinary schistosomiasis [4].
  • The study was conducted from September 2000 to February 2001 in a district of Mount Darwin, Zimbabwe. Two hundred ninety-nine fifth graders from 8 primary schools were examined for their knowledge, attitude, beliefs and practice regarding schistosomiasis, based on a KABP form, three times in succession [5].

Psychiatry related information on CEP170

  • Students completed the self-administered Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors (KAB) survey, and a Physical Activity Questionnaire (PAQ) [6].

High impact information on CEP170

  • DESIGN: These changes are measured through repeated AIDS KABP surveys comparing, over time, condom use during the 12 months prior to the surveys and condom use at first sexual intercourse before and after the beginning of the AIDS epidemic [7].
  • Our findings underscore that impaired p21 expression may function as a driving force for chromosomal instability and highlight the importance of markers for maternal centrioles such as Cep170 to elucidate the pathogenesis of numerical centriole aberrations in tumor cells [8].
  • To assess the IEC Campaign during anti malaria month (June, 98), a base line KABP study through pre-assessment and post-assessment was conducted in the State of Gujarat (four districts namely Ahmedabad, Dang, Panchmahal and Baroda) [9].
  • Social norms for condom use: implications for HIV prevention interventions of a KABP survey with heterosexuals in the Eastern Caribbean [10].
  • However, KAB, t1/2 B (half-time of Pool B), and the percentage of cholesterol absorbed were decreased.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[11]

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CEP170

  • KABP questionnaires may serve as a useful method in AIDS-related surveys and evaluation studies among school children in Tanzania if survey instruments are adapted to reflect the local social and cultural context [12].


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