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Disease relevance of Zimbabwe


High impact information on Zimbabwe


Chemical compound and disease context of Zimbabwe


Biological context of Zimbabwe


Anatomical context of Zimbabwe

  • In assessing the potential of the tetracycline compounds as biomarkers in oral rabies vaccination campaigns in jackals in Zimbabwe, the natural prevalence of fluorescent compounds in bone tissue from jackals was investigated [20].
  • Outer membrane immunized cattle were protected significantly following challenge with 10(4) Zimbabwe strain parasitized erythrocytes, demonstrated by significant differences in prepatent period and peak rickettsemia compared with adjuvant immunized control cattle [21].
  • CONCLUSION: The results of this study suggest that naked eye inspection of the cervix after application of acetic acid is a practical alternative to cervical cytology in screening for cervical cancer in countries with few resources like Zimbabwe [22].
  • Enumeration of CD4 and CD8 T-cells in HIV infection in Zimbabwe using a manual immunocytochemical method [23].
  • An evaluation of DDT and DDT residues in human breast milk in the Kariba Valley of Zimbabwe [24].

Associations of Zimbabwe with chemical compounds

  • The activity of these hepatic enzymes was tested in 45 Shona children from a rural area of Zimbabwe with use of caffeine as a probe [25].
  • RESULTS: Mean angiotensinogen levels varied widely across groups (Nigeria 1381 ng/ml angiotensin I generated, Zimbabwe 1638 ng/ml angiotensin I generated, Jamaica 1808 ng/ml angiotensin I generated, and Maywood 2039 ng/ml angiotensin I generated) [26].
  • Two clones were evaluated; pCS20 from Crystal Springs (Zimbabwe) strain DNA had a 1,306-bp insert, and pCR9 from Kiswani (Kenya) strain DNA had a 754-bp insert [27].
  • Sulphur and carbon isotopic analyses on small samples of kerogens and sulphide minerals from biogenic and non-biogenic sediments of the 2.7 x 10(9) years(Ga)-old Belingwe Greenstone Belt (Zimbabwe) imply that a complex biological sulphur cycle was in operation [28].
  • Eight of 28 (29%) rectal swab specimens obtained from hospitalized patients in Zimbabwe had gentamicin resistant enterococci [18].

Gene context of Zimbabwe


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Zimbabwe


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