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Chemical Compound Review

donepezil     2-[(1-benzyl-4- piperidyl)methyl]-5,6...

Synonyms: donepezilo, Donaz, Eranz, donepezilum, CHEMBL502, ...
 Kuhl,  Hallett,  Rigaud,  Bartenstein,  Silman,  Grundman,  Knechtelsdorfer,  Babiloni,  Mayerhofer,  Foster,  Soininen,  Phipps,  Aisen,  Clark,  Weisler, Martin Dichgans, Hugh S. Markus, Stephen Salloway, Auli Verkkoniemi, Margaret Moline, Qin Wang, Holly Posner, Hugues S. Chabriat,  Teipel,  Kryger,  Sussman,  Mori,  Mintzer,  Bennett,  Traykov,  Petersen,  Chisari,  Platania,  Frisoni,  Winblad,  Grundman,  Moulin,  Kazui,  Schultz,  Jin,  Rogers,  Flashman,  Wishart,  Matsumoto,  Padovani,  Tragl,  Borroni,  Huber,  Ferris,  Nakano,  Subbiah,  Möller,  Mersich,  Del Percio,  Latour,  Charles,  Cattabeni,  Ferri,  Harvey,  Small,  Thal,  Moretti,  Mintzer,  Hashimoto,  Salinari,  Jack,  Zhang,  Rossini,  Perdomo,  Waldemar,  Scheltens,  Drzezga,  Rabin,  Cassetta,  Frey,  Snyder,  Sano,  Dal Forno,  Schwaiger,  Petersen,  Thomas,  Ferreri,  Zanetti,  Kim,  Jack,  Engedal,  Mohs,  Ieni,  Marcello,  Colciaghi,  Obermayr,  Wetterholm,  Wimo,  Forette,  Grafman,  Koeppe,  Rodriguez,  Canonico,  Lanuzza,  Hampel,  Kilbourn,  Galasko,  Kaye,  Yu,  Thal,  Couderc,  Chiechio,  Vancheri,  Modrego,  Cahn-Weiner,  Pascual-Marqui,  Gauthier,  Jann,  Verhey,  Decarli,  Geyer,  Zamrini,  Sortino,  McHugh,  Copani,  Frasca,  Nobili,  van Dyck,  Luca Romani,  Zimmermann,  Doraiswamy,  Yasuda,  Shirley,  Jin,  Salazar,  Mamourian,  Di Luca,  Pharr,  Haglund,  Miniussi,  Minoshima,  Doody,  Krishnan,  Gardoni,  Litvan,  Santulli,  Saykin,  Schafer,  Mulnard,  
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Disease relevance of donepezil


Psychiatry related information on donepezil

  • Among 94 patients with probable Alzheimer's disease who we treated with donepezil, seven patients developed urinary incontinence, although this event was transient in most patients [1].
  • After stabilization on donepezil (5.7 +/- 1.7 weeks at 10 mg) patients showed increased frontal activity relative to unmedicated controls, which was positively correlated with improvement in task performance (r = 0.49, P = 0.05) as well as baseline hippocampal volume (r = 0.62, P < 0.05) [7].
  • Treating visual hallucinations with donepezil [8].
  • The benefit of donepezil over placebo was demonstrated by the Gottfries-Bråne-Steen (a global assessment for rating dementia symptoms) total score at weeks 24, 36, and 52 (p < 0.05) and at the study end point (week 52, last observation carried forward; p = 0.054) [9].
  • To our knowledge this is the first published report on the use of donepezil in the treatment of mood disorders [10].

High impact information on donepezil


Chemical compound and disease context of donepezil


Biological context of donepezil

  • Our results indicate that CPT-11 binds within the active site gorge of the protein in a fashion similar to that observed with the Alzheimer drug donepezil [19].
  • Although demonstrating differences in their temporal kinetics, both WAY 100635 and NAD-299 attenuated the impairment of PA caused by scopolamine (0.3 mg/kg s.c.). Donepezil did not block the PA deficit caused by the 0.3 mg/kg dose of scopolamine, but it prevented the inhibitory effects of the 0.2 mg/kg dose of scopolamine [14].
  • Consequently, these results do not support the hypothesis that the ApoE phenotype and gender are predictors of the response to donepezil in Alzheimer's disease patients [20].
  • Next, we examined the effects of donepezil on glutamate-induced apoptosis [21].
  • The effects of the acetylcholinesterase inhibitor donepezil on cell viability and proliferation events have been analysed in SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells [22].

Anatomical context of donepezil


Associations of donepezil with other chemical compounds


Gene context of donepezil

  • Here, we investigate the mechanisms of action of the AChEI donepezil on APP (amyloid precursor protein) metabolism and on the activity/trafficking of the alpha-secretase candidate ADAM 10, in differentiated human neuroblastoma cells (SH-SY5Y) [33].
  • The anti-amnesic and neuroprotective effects of donepezil against amyloid beta(25-35) peptide-induced toxicity in mice involve an interaction with the sigma(1) receptor [34].
  • The present study provides evidence that donepezil influences APP metabolism in platelets, and suggests that ApoE genotype might be an important modulating factor for drug responsiveness in AD [35].
  • The present study was designed as a randomised controlled trial to evaluate long term effects of donepezil, a cerebral selective ChEI, on basal GH and IGF-1 levels and on GH response to GHRH (1 microg/kg i.v., GHRH test) before and after an 8-week donepezil treatment period [36].
  • Structure of acetylcholinesterase complexed with E2020 (Aricept): implications for the design of new anti-Alzheimer drugs [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of donepezil


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