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Disease Transmission, Vertical

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  • Since MHC polymorphism has made vertical transmission of T cell memory impossible, immunoincompetent offspring are not, and need not be, protected against such noncytopathic viruses [6].
  • Vertical transmission of hepatitis B antigen in Taiwan [1].
  • Association between maternal antibodies to the external envelope glycoprotein and vertical transmission of human T-lymphotropic virus type I. Maternal anti-env antibodies correlate with protection in non-breast-fed children [7].
  • Y chromosome signals were not detected in sex-matched female recipients, excluding the vertical transmission of male cells [8].
  • Clonal vertical transmission of fungi, previously shown to be common in the genus Microtermes (via females) and in the species Macrotermes bellicosus (via males) [Johnson, R. A., Thomas, R. J., Wood, T. G. & Swift, M. J. (1981) J. Nat. Hist. 15, 751-756], is derived with two independent origins [9].

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