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Physician Executives

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Disease relevance of Physician Executives


Psychiatry related information on Physician Executives

  • This paper provides the first comparative national profile of women and men community and migrant health center (C/MHC) medical directors in terms of their personal and work characteristics, as well as job satisfaction [3].

High impact information on Physician Executives

  • Approaches toward repeated supratherapeutic doses of paracetamol in children: a survey of medical directors of poison centres in North America and Europe [4].
  • The program selection criteria usually included an evaluation of overall GPA, science GPA, prior blood bank experience, three professional references, and a non-standardized interview with the medical director, educational coordinator, and other faculty or staff [5].
  • DESIGN: Survey in adult ICUs affiliated with the Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine. INTERVENTIONS: Questionnaire inquiring about ICU structure and organization mailed to 73 medical directors [6].
  • Criteria for appropriateness of initiating systemic antibiotics, for adequacy of initial diagnostic workup, and for appropriate specific antibiotics were developed by the authors, with input from a group of medical directors of nursing homes, based on Centers for Disease Control and Federal Drug Administration guidelines [7].
  • CMS guidelines and improving continence care in nursing homes: the role of the medical director [8].

Biological context of Physician Executives


Associations of Physician Executives with chemical compounds

  • OBJECTIVE: To describe the approach taken by medical directors of poison centres regarding the treatment of repeated supratherapeutic doses of paracetamol in children [4].
  • Surveys were mailed to medical directors of all members of the American Association of Health Plans and to a random sample of diplomates of the American Board of Preventive Medicine. Respondents were asked to rate the importance of these competencies for a population-oriented clinician manager [10].
  • Illinois Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medical Director Arnold Widen. Interview by Jim Montague [11].
  • A Blue Cross and Blue Shield medical director explains some practical applications, including outcomes evaluation, provider selection and practice pattern comparisons [12].
  • Family practitioner and certified addictionist William Santoro, MD, is medical director at both Albright College and the Reading Hospital Medical Center's Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Center. He also volunteers his time and medical services at the Reading Emergency Shelter, a homeless shelter in downtown Reading [13].

Gene context of Physician Executives

  • The medical director must be able to recognize the small subset of affected individuals whose mortality due to ADHD is greater than that of the standard population [14].
  • In Part One of this article in the March-April 1990 issue of Physician Executive, the authors explored severity-of-illness systems that relied on administrative data for their formulation [15].
  • In this study, we examine the medical directors' roles and responsibilities, their relationships with the C/MHC administrators, and whether these impact satisfaction and, ultimately retention in the centers [16].
  • These include a knowledgeable EMT, an involved medical director, and community support [17].
  • In this column, Barbara Linney interviews physician executive Don Gessler, MD, MBA, CPE, FACPE, to talk about his experience in working for a big five consulting firm [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Physician Executives

  • The District Court disagreed on all issues with the prosecutor, but nevertheless held the medical director of Diatel guilty for performing hemodialysis without a WTS [19].
  • PARTICIPANTS: This study consisted of a random national sample of MED DIRs (n=1300) and DONs (n=1300) belonging to the American Medical Directors Association or the National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration in Long-term Care. MEASUREMENTS: A 24-item survey using a five-point Likert scale was developed [20].


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