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Pichinde Virus

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Disease relevance of Pichinde Virus

  • These are completely conserved among the predicted polyprotein sequences of all the CCHF virus strains and closely resemble the tetrapeptides that represent the major cleavage recognition sites present in the glycoprotein precursors of arenaviruses, such as Lassa fever virus (RRLL) and Pichinde virus (RKLL) [1].
  • BBdp rats fail to generate virus-specific major histocompatibility complex-restricted cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) responses when challenged with this dose or other doses of LCMV, Pichinde virus or vaccinia virus [2].
  • The most active inhibitors, named NSC20625, 3-7 and 2-71, demonstrated a broad range of action against arenaviruses, including several attenuated and pathogenic strains of JUNV as well as the antigenically related Tacaribe virus (TACV) and Pichinde virus (PICV) [3].

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Chemical compound and disease context of Pichinde Virus


Gene context of Pichinde Virus

  • For Pichinde virus, it has been shown that the 3' proximal gene product (the nucleoprotein, N) is translated from a subgenomic, viral-complementary mRNA (Auperin et al., 1984a) [12].
  • In view of this, and if, like Pichinde virus, LCM has an ambisense S RNA coding strategy, then it is probable that the intergenic hairpins function as transcription terminators for the N and GPC mRNA species of both viruses [12].
  • The nucleoprotein of Pichinde virus expressed by a vaccinia-Pichinde virus recombinant partially protects hamsters from lethal virus challenge [13].


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