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Myopathies, Nemaline

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  • Electrophoresis of congenital nemaline myopathy (CNM) muscle myosin in SDS-5% polyacrylamide gels gave rise to a single heavy chain band, with a migration rate and antigenic properties identical to that of the adult slow form, as demonstrated by Western blot techniques and by using specific antibody [10].
  • Further investigations of carnitine metabolism in patients with nemaline myopathy may shed light on the pathogenesis of this entity [11].
  • The other two had a congenital neuromuscular disorder (one central core disease, one nemaline myopathy) with type I fiber predominance (type I muscle fibers are characterized by a high oxidative metabolism and a low lactic acid production) [12].
  • Although one case report describes the use of succinylcholine and pancuronium in a patient with nemaline rod myopathy, we feel that neuromuscular blocking agents should be avoided where possible and only used with careful monitoring [13].

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