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Health Food

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Biological context of Health Food


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Gene context of Health Food

  • Results of this study suggest the utility of K. alvarezzi (Eucheuma) for various nutritional products, including antioxidant for use as health food or nutraceutical supplement [15].
  • We introduce the legal background of self-medication with OTC-drugs in Germany with regard to the pharmacy, drug store and health food shop distribution channels and the qualifications of the sales personnel [16].
  • A survey was carried out in 1986 for the occurrence of aflatoxin B1 in peanut butters (129 samples) obtained from specialist Health Food outlets [17].
  • Pseudovitamin B12 (an inactive corrinoid) predominated in the spirulina tablets, which are not suitable for use as a vitamin B12 source, especially for vegetarians. algal health food, bioavailability, cobalamin, edible algae, vitamin B12[18]

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Health Food

  • METHODS: 75 users of OTC homeopathy completed questionnaires while purchasing OTC homeopathic remedies in three health food shops in central Manchester. RESULTS: The most frequently treated conditions were respiratory, mental/psychological and bruises/injuries [19].


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