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Chemical Compound Review

Oraconal     [(8R,9S,10R,13S,14S,17R)-17- ethanoyl-6,10...

Synonyms: Menoquens, Nuvacon, Kombiquens, Megethinyl, Serial, ...
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Disease relevance of Nuvacon


Psychiatry related information on Nuvacon

  • Reevaluation of the ultrastructural pathology of experimental Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Serial studies of the Fujisaki strain of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease virus in mice [6].
  • OBJECTIVE: Serial registered MRI provides a reproducible technique for detecting progressive cerebral atrophy in vivo and was used to determine if there were differences between the rates of cerebral atrophy in AD and frontotemporal dementia (FTD) [7].
  • METHODS: Serial salivary cortisol samples were examined in 98 subjects (ages 9-17 years), including 62 subjects with an anxiety and/or mood disorder and 36 nonpsychiatrically ill comparisons [8].
  • The IPV subjects, regardless of PTSD status, had poorer performance on tasks of speeded, sustained auditory attention and working memory (Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test) and response inhibition (Stroop) [9].
  • The Serial Reaction Time test requires the development of sequential learning and little (if any) procedural learning, whereas the Mirror Drawing test involves fast and repetitive processing of visuospatial stimuli but no acquisition of sequences [10].

High impact information on Nuvacon


Chemical compound and disease context of Nuvacon


Biological context of Nuvacon


Anatomical context of Nuvacon

  • Reduced activation in patients was not confined to the inferior frontal gyrus, but also extended to a medial area during the Tone Serial Position Task and to premotor and anterior temporal lobe areas during both tasks [26].
  • Role of compensatory enlargement and shrinkage in transplant coronary artery disease. Serial intravascular ultrasound study [27].
  • Within individual mitochondria, the cristae become locally rearranged in a pattern that we have termed a "swirl." Serial sections through individual mitochondria reveal the reorganization of the cristae in three dimensions [28].
  • How does angioplasty work? Serial analysis of human iliac arteries using intravascular ultrasound [29].
  • We used the Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) database to identify differences between solid tumors and cell lines, hoping to detect genes that could potentially explain differences in drug sensitivity [30].

Associations of Nuvacon with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Nuvacon

  • Using the National Center for Biotechnology Information Serial Analysis of Gene Expression database, we found that S100A4, a calcium-binding protein previously implicated in metastasis, was expressed in five of seven pancreatic carcinoma libraries but not in the two normal pancreatic duct libraries [36].
  • METHODS: Serial immunohistochemical staining for CXCL13, CXCR5, and CD20 was carried out in protocol biopsies of 23 patients obtained between day 4 and day 9 after renal transplantation [37].
  • MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: Serial serum samples were collected for analysis of concentrations of PCT, SAA, and CRP [38].
  • RESULTS: Serial weekly intraperitoneal administrations of escalating doses of rmIFN-gamma did not affect peripheral blood counts in FANCC(-/-) mice, even after subsequent antibody-mediated fas ligation [39].
  • (a) Serial sections were either incubated with anti-CA IV/FITC or processed for endothelial ATPase reaction [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nuvacon


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