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Peer Group

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Disease relevance of Peer Group


Psychiatry related information on Peer Group


High impact information on Peer Group

  • Patients were assigned to receive directly observed isoniazid preventive therapy twice weekly (Supervised group, n = 99), daily self-administered isoniazid with peer counseling and education (Peer group, n = 101), or routine care (Routine group, n = 100) [4].
  • Effects of peer-group intervention on metabolic control of adolescents with IDDM. Randomized outpatient study [5].
  • By using two human sera at different concentrations, we could calculate the constant and the proportional calibration bias displayed by each peer group [6].
  • In eight unique challenges mailed by The College of American Pathologists Comprehensive Chemistry Survey to participating laboratories within 3 years, results for direct-reacting bilirubin (DBIL) were highly variable among the 12 largest peer groups, and most of the results differed greatly from the values obtained by a referred method [7].
  • PATIENTS: We analysed data from 135 prepubertal children: (1) 14 GH-deficient children; (2) 36 children with short stature (2-3 SD below their peer group mean); (3) 57 children with very short stature (3-4 SD below their peer group mean); and (4) a reference group of 28 children with normal stature (+/- 2 SD) [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Peer Group


Gene context of Peer Group

  • Moreover, the relationship between deviant peer affiliation and substance use was stronger for adolescents with ADHD, suggesting that once they are immersed in a deviant peer group, adolescents with ADHD are more vulnerable to the negative social influences of that group [3].
  • We therefore hypothesized that hybrid infants would exhibit more behavioral and adrenocortical reactivity in the home cage and during social separations, would be less sociable in their peer groups, and would exhibit lower CSF 5-HIAA levels than Indian-derived monkeys [14].
  • Boys with epilepsy had limited peer group activities, and parents conferred fewer responsibilities to school age and adolescent children compared to controls [15].
  • Comparisons were made with USA normative peer groups, and the U3A sample scored as well as, or better than, their American peers [16].
  • 'Free to be' peer group supports patients with MPD/DD [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Peer Group


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