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Brain Concussion

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Disease relevance of Brain Concussion


High impact information on Brain Concussion

  • Clinically, patients varied from those with mild concussions without focal neurological signs to those with severe neurological dysfunction including posttraumatic coma [6].
  • Decreases were 42% for ICD 850, brain concussion, 56% for ICD 800, 801, 803, cranial fractures, and 16% for ICD 851 854, structural brain injury [7].
  • Retrospective report on the effectiveness of a polyurethane football helmet cover on the repeated occurrence of cerebral concussions [8].
  • The patient in this case report sustained generalized contusions, a cerebral concussion, a midline fracture of the mandibular corpus, and bilateral fractures of the condylar process of the mandible when he fell asleep while driving a car and collided with a truck [9].
  • In conclusion it is suggested that the alterations of catecholamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine utilization in discrete brain areas, especially in the striatum are the characteristic feature of disturbances after experimental brain concussion [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Brain Concussion


Anatomical context of Brain Concussion


Gene context of Brain Concussion

  • Computer tomography (CT) and spectrophotometry of CSF were performed in 30 patients with the clinical diagnosis of cerebral concussion or contusion [12].
  • PTA proved to be a reliable indicator of the severity of cerebral concussion and correlated with post-concussional sequelae and periods of disability [13].


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