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Nuclear Reactors

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High impact information on Nuclear Reactors


Biological context of Nuclear Reactors

  • In streams into which the cooling water of a nuclear reactor is released all conditions are found already for a long turnover and cycling of artificial tritium in living organisms as well as the conditions for a favourable transport of tritium by food chains to man [6].

Associations of Nuclear Reactors with chemical compounds


Gene context of Nuclear Reactors

  • Radiation exposure from the Big Rock Point nuclear reactor in Charlevoix County, Michigan was investigated by studying vital rates for that county and nearby counties in comparison with other matching counties, for periods before and after the reactor began operation [12].
  • Numerical evaluation of the production of radionuclides in a nuclear reactor (Part I) [13].
  • 110mAg, as a radionuclide of corrosion products in water-cooled nuclear reactors, was detected in the liquid effluents of Guangdong Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station (GNPS) of Daya Bay under normal operation conditions [14].


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