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Chemical Compound Review

Strontium Radioisotopes     strontium

Synonyms: Strontium-90, AC1NUOFQ, Sr-90, HSDB 7403, D013326000, ...
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Disease relevance of strontium

  • A retrospective evaluation was performed with records of 128 patients with 146 eyes that underwent applications of strontium-90 after pterygium excisions performed between 1982 and 1988 [1].
  • Adjunctive radiotherapy with strontium-90 in the treatment of conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma [2].
  • PATIENTS AND METHODS: 83 keloids of 66 patients had been irradiated after excision by a uniform protocol with 4 x 5 Gy (strontium- 90 [(90)Sr] surface applicator) [3].
  • Of 140 patients with histologically confirmed squamous cell cancer, 123 were treated with a strontium-90 source, 10 with a radon "ring," and 7 with superficial X ray therapy [2].
  • Late toxicities that may be associated with strontium-90 RT were scleromalacia (scleral thinning) in 4 eyes, adhesion of eyelids in 3 eyes, and scleral ulcer in 2 eyes [4].

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