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Basement membrane proteins produced by Schwann cells and in neurofibromatosis.

Mouse Schwann cells and rat RN22 schwannoma cells cultured in the absence of neurons and fibroblasts produce typical basement membrane proteins. Heparan sulfate proteoglycan (low density form), nidogen, and protein BM-40 were identified by radioimmunoassays, immunoblotting, and by immunoprecipitation after metabolic labeling. The cells also produce a laminin-like protein that differs from authentic laminin by a reduced A chain content and lack of antigenic determinants located in the long arm of laminin. Laminin possessing A and B chains is, however, produced by PYS-2 teratocarcinoma cells grown under the same conditions. Laminin from Schwann cell culture medium promotes neurite outgrowth, and this activity could be immunoprecipitated but not blocked by various antibodies against authentic laminin. In addition, Schwann cell laminin is found complexed noncovalently with nidogen. Sulfate incorporation revealed the synthesis of proteoglycans and entactin. A similar set of proteins and in addition collagen IV could be demonstrated in neurofibroma tissue by immunohistology, and were localized to the laminae densae of the multilayered basement membranes around Schwann cells and capillaries. Laminin purified from 0.5 M NaCl neurofibroma tissue extracts possessed both A and B chains. Nidogen was identified in a partially degraded form.[1]


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