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Ontogeny of somatostatin-containing neuron system of the rat: immunohistochemical analysis. II. Forebrain and diencephalon.

The ontogeny of the somatostatin (SRIF) neuron system in the forebrain and diencephalon the rat was investigated by means of the indirect immunofluorescence method. SRIF-positive cells first appear in the primordium of the hypothalamus surrounding the fasciculus mammillothalamicus of the fetus at gestational day 14 (10-12-mm embryo). At gestational days 16-17 (14-17-mm embryo, SRIF-positive cells appear in the developing piriform cortex and entopeduncular nucleus. The fetus at gestational days 18-19 (17-26-mm embryos) showed a remarkable increase in the number of SRIF-positive cells and numerous groups of such cells are detectable in various forebrain and diencephalic areas such as the hypothalamic periventricular zone, zona incerta, area lateral to the commissura posterior (ACP), area between the optic tract and capsula interna, pars retrolenticularis (AOR), n. caudatus putamen, hippocampus, somatic sensory cortex, and n. accumbens, etc. At gestational day 20, SRIF-positive cells newly appear in the septum, olfactory bulb, diagonal band of Broca, claustrum, lateral preoptic area, and lateral habenular nucleus. The majority of SRIF-positive structures found in the forebrain and diencephalon increase in number during the perinatal stage (between gestational day 21 and postnatal day 2) and more or less maintain their immunoreactivity even in adult rats. However, SRIF-positive cells located in the AOR, ACP, and lateral septal area, etc., begin to decrease in number during the perinatal stage and no or only a few SRIF-containing cells are identified in these areas of infant and adult rats.[1]


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