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Diagonal Band of Broca

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Associations of Diagonal Band of Broca with chemical compounds

  • Blockade of de novo biosynthesis of allopregnanolone alters many of ethanol's effects including ethanol-induced suppression of spontaneous activity in medial septum/diagonal band of Broca neurons and hippocampal pyramidal neurons [20].
  • 1. The physiological and pharmacological actions of noradrenaline (NA) on neurons of the medial septum and diagonal band of Broca (MSDB) were examined using extracellular, intracellular and whole-cell patch-clamp recordings in an in vitro rat brain slice preparation [21].
  • GnRH (ir) perikarya, visualized by immunocytochemistry, were counted on serial coronal sections from the diagonal band of Broca to the infundibulum [22].
  • On the other hand, P implantations into the diagonal band of Broca and the lateral and the medial septum were effective in increasing and decreasing serum FSH, respectively, whereas E2 implantations into these areas were ineffective [23].
  • These observations indicate a differential modulation of Ic channels by vasopressin via V1 and V2 receptors in the horizontal limb of the diagonal band of Broca [24].

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